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Who Is Responsible For Pest Control When Renting NSW?

Pests are one of the most common problems you will face when you are shifting to a new house. Pests can be of many types and cause many infections and diseases as well. It is important to inspect and treat the pests on time before moving to your new house. Pests usually love vacant and damp areas where they can infest easily in large numbers which makes an empty house the best place for them. One of the most asked questions by people when shifting to a new house is “who is responsible for pest control when renting NSW?” You can read the blog thoroughly to get all your answers about pest control for a new house. 

Responsible For Pest Control

Reasons For Entry Of Pests In A New House- 

  • Uncleanliness of the house- If the tenants don’t maintain the house and clean it regularly there are chances that pests can infest the house. 
  • Improper inspection of the house- Before shifting to a new house it is important to get the house inspected properly to make sure there are no pests present in the house. The landlord should take care of the inspection and pest control before handing over the house.

Pest Treatment For End-Of-Lease- End-of-lease treatment is done when the tenants move to a new place. Tenants are responsible for getting their house pest controlled once they vacate the place and move to a new one. Tenants usually should hire professionals when they are vacating to get their pest control services done. All the pest control professionals have different quotes for end-of-lease pest control services.

If there is the entry of pests after the tenants move to a new place that means it could be due to a lack of cleanliness maintained by the tenants. 

Responsibilities Of Landlords And Tenants In Pest Control For Rented Houses- 

Usually, the landlords and tenants are both equally responsible for pest control services. Most of the time there is confusion. Tenants wonder how landlords are responsible for pest control and landlords think that tenants are responsible for pest control services. This will answer your question, “ Who is responsible for pest control when renting NSW”.

When is a tenant responsible for pest control?

According to NSW fair trading, a tenant is responsible for pest control if the pest infestation is caused after the tenants have moved into the new house. There can be many reasons for this such as an unhygienic environment and lack of cleanliness from the tenant. For example, if there is an infestation of cockroaches and other pests once there is a breakout. If the tenant thinks the pests were present before he shifted to the new house, he must prove that the landlord is in breach of the tenancy agreement. For example, the landlord didn’t offer the property neat and clean at the start of the tenancy. 

When Is Landlord Responsible For Pest Control?

According to the information given above, a landlord is only responsible for pest control services if there is an infestation of pests at the start of the tenancy. Landlords must check if there are any kinds of pests present in their house before handing over the house to the tenants. The house should be neat and clean and there should not be any indications of pests present in your house before handing it over to the tenants. 

Tenants can inspect the house properly and record everything that can cause pests or if there are pests already present in the house. If the tenants notice any signs of pests before they enter their house, they can ask their landlords to inspect and remove the pests from the house. 

So do not fight over, “Who is responsible for pest control when renting NSW”. It’s upon both the tenant and the landlord to take care of their responsibilities to get rid of the pests. Mutual cooperation is very important between the tenants and the landlord in order to take care of the new house and avoid pests in the new house. Tenants should also inspect properly and also keep their place clean, and so does the landlord. According to the NSW guidelines, proper documentation is necessary between the tenant and the landlord before handing over the house. 

Why Hire Professionals For Rented House Pest Treatments?

When you know Who is responsible for pest control when renting NSW, to make your house pest free it is important to hire professional pest control companies sydney. Professionals will help in getting rid of all the pests in your house with the help of professional tools. They will also provide you end-of-lease pest control services. Before entering a new house or before handing over the house to the tenants, hiring professionals for pest inspection is important. 

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