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Possum Removal Sydney

Licensed Possum Removal Company In Sydney

Are you worried about possum infestations at your place? Are you searching for licensed professionals who can offer affordable as well as top-notch possum removal services in Sydney? 711 Pest Control is available to send professionals who can take immediate action to catch and relocate possums. Our Possum Removal Sydney team offers high-quality possum removal services at unbelievable prices. So, contact us today on our toll-free number to avail yourself of our services.

The Variety of Possums We Remove 

Possums are notorious animals and are considered one of the greatest threats to home environments and gardens. This furry creature with a bushy tail is capable of causing huge damage to your property. We can catch and remove all possum species.

  • Ringtail Possums
  • Pygmy Possums
  • Brushtail Possums
  • Feathertail Possums
  • Striped Possums
  • Green Ringtail Possums

Signs To Identify Possum Infestation On Your Property

You can identify the presence of possum infestation on your property by noticing certain signs. The various signs are as follows:

  • When you find dead possums in the house
  • When you find possum faeces in your house.
  • If you notice sounds in the house made by possums.
  • If you found damaged branches and leaves in your garden then it is another strong sign.
  • If you found bites or eaten fruits or vegetables in your house, then it might be done by possums.

 What Do We Do To Prevent a Possum Outbreak?

Possum mainly enters your property in search of food. They are generally found in backyards, on roofs, and under the deck. The following are the actions we perform to prevent possum outbreaks on your property.

  • Setting up of possum-catching boxes in the areas where they are seen often.
  • We do offer fencing work around the property which prevents possums from entering your property.

Choose Us For Complete Possum Removal Services In Sydney

Get rid of possums completely by availing of our possum removal services. Our licensed as well as highly experienced possum catchers will help you in eliminating possums from your premises once and forever. If you are looking for possum catchers who offer all kinds of possum removal services then we are the perfect choice for you. Our Possum Removal Sydney team offers a wide range of possum removal services to all our clients in Sydney. The range of services we provide is as follows:

  • Possum removal and inspection
  • Dead possum removal and inspection
  • Garden possum inspection and removal
  • Backyard possum removal and inspection
  • Roof possum inspection and removal
  • Underdeck possum inspection and removal
  • Building pre-purchase possum inspection

So, contact us today to take advantage of the best quality possum removal services in Sydney at very reasonable prices. Call us quickly to book our Possum Removal Sydney services and get a complete solution for all your possum-related problems.

Emergency Possum Removal Service In Sydney

Possums can possess great damage to your property in a very short time. So, keeping this in mind we are offering emergency and same-day Possum Removal Sydney services to every corner. All our possum catchers are local residents of Sydney or its suburbs. So, they reach quickly to your place and will make your property possum free in a very short time. Moreover, we don’t charge anything extra for offering same-day and emergency possum removal services.

Benefits Of Choosing Us For Possum Removal Service In Sydney

  • Safe Techniques: We adopt the latest as well as safe techniques while offering possum removal services.
  • Low-Cost Services: Our aim is to make sure that our possum removal services are available to everyone. So, keeping that in mind we are offering all our services at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Experienced Team: You need an experienced team to get the complete solution for all your possum problems. All our possum catchers are highly experienced. So, you will avail of the best services in Sydney when you choose us.
  • 24-hour services: We do offer 24-hour Possum Removal Sydney services. So, reach us at any time to avail of our services.

Best Possum Removal Services in Sydney and neighbouring areas

Apart from Sydney, we also offer possum control services in nearby suburbs. So, ping us today if you are looking for the best possum services in the nearby suburbs of Sydney.

FAQs On Possum Removal Service

  • Yes, being a reputable company, our possum removal team prioritize the humane treatment of possums. They employ methods and traps that are designed to capture the possums without causing harm. Once captured, the possums are typically released in suitable natural habitats away from residential areas, ensuring their safety and well-being.

  • How much does a possum removal service cost?

    The cost of possum removal services can vary depending on factors such as the location of possums, severity of the infestation, and the size of the possum. You must contact us to get a quote or estimate based on your specific situation.

  • Are Your Possum Catchers Trained?

    Yes, all our possum catchers are highly trained and licensed as well as have many years of experience in offering possum removal services in Sydney and nearby suburbs.


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