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Know Fleas By Their Characteristics

Fleas have tiny bodies with no wings. Mostly, the size of a flea remains between 1 to 10mm. These small insects multiply their numbers fast, ingesting your entire home. If you’re willing to get rid of fleas with professional flea control Sydney treatment, first, you need to recognize the insect, and the following characteristics can help you in that case:

  • Have a compressed body
  • Long hind legs that help them to leap long distances.
  • Strong and sturdy tarsal claws for grasping the host
  • Have piercing mouthparts
  • Point hair in the backside that lets them move conveniently via the host’s fur or hair.

Commonly Found Fleas in Australia

The most common flea species that are widely seen as house pests in Australia include:

  • Ctenocephalides felis mainly known as cat flea
  • Ctenocephalides canis is mainly known as dog flea
  • Pulex irritans (a rare specimen that chooses humans as its host)

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The Life Cycle Of A Flea

Adult fleas choose a host’s body to mate and also lay eggs there. Eventually, those eggs fall to the ground. On average a female flea lays more than 600 eggs throughout her lifetime and lay around 15-20 eggs at a time. The time taken by the eggs to hatch is 2 to 14 days. When the eggs hatch the larvae generally get clinged to any place inside your premises, including rugs, beneath the furniture, under the boards, on beds, etc. You can also trace the larvae exterior parts of your home such as greasy areas and sub-floors.

In the larvae form, the fleas remain blind with no legs. The fleas stay in their larvae phase for almost a week to months, relying on the food source and temperature. Like adult fleas, the larvae can not extract blood from the host’s body to feed. However, they can feed off organic debris, including dead feathers, hair, skin, and discharged blood. Slowly the larvae turn into cocoons from where the adult fleas come out. The whole process takes around 5-14 days.

As mentioned earlier, fleas do not have wings, so they can’t fly. They usually jump to cover long distances. In the larvae stage, the fleas crawl to change their location.

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Pet Fleas

Fleas are able to sense all external stimuli including noise, heat, vibration, and even the presence of CO2. They mostly make household pets like dogs and cats their host and feed on their blood. To keep your furry friends safe, you must get flea control treatment immediately.

After detecting the external stimuli they sense that there could possibly be a host nearby. Because of this, the adult fleas come out of the cocoon and feed on your pets to survive. However, adult fleas can stay alive without feeding for almost 7 days. For laying eggs, adult fleas require feeding first.

If you do not take any action and a dozen of fleas continue feeding on a host, they can multiply to around 250,000 in just 30 days! Usually, a flea population comprises 35% larvae, 10% pupae, 50% eggs, and 5% adult fleas.

What Makes Fleas Count As Pests?

There are multiple reasons that mark fleas as pests. Fleas are very harmful to pets, these insects are liable to cause dermatitis in dogs and cats. In fact, it even tends to transmit tapeworms into the pet body. Not only pets, but these fleas can also even cause skin irritation in human beings. Moreover, fleas can create several aspects of infection in some humans. In case a kid mistakenly eats any tiny flea it can lead to tapeworm infestation inside the body.

Fleas can also attack you with itchy and painful bites on your ankles and legs. The irritation from the bite can remain for a couple of days. If you notice tiny reddish inflamed spots, consider it a flea bite.

Most Common Areas Where Fleas Build Their Colonies

If a household has pets like cats and dogs, fleas can infest there. Apart from this, fleas can also be located in those areas where pets spend most of their time. For example, if your dog has a flea infestation and he likes to spend time near the window, chances are that you can find fleas there. You can also notice flea eggs and larvae in those specific areas. Those places are also called hot spots of flea infestation.

Fleas generally stay in places where sunlight can not reach them. A few examples of those areas include subfloors and shady spots on the backside of your garage. The warm weather is ideal for flea breeding. Fleas thrive when the temperature hovers around 20 to 30° C.

Bird Mites

Bird mites are similar to fleas that tend to bite people. However, bird mites do not carry any diseases. Similar to fleas, bird mites prefer the injection of their saliva into human skin which supports their feeding procedure. And it is the saliva that is responsible for the itchiness, irritation, and rashes on the skin. Since human blood is toxic for them, it cannot survive more than 20 days.

Where are Bird Mites Noticed?

Bird mites are noticed in places where birds stay and build nests. Bird mites’ favourite host is a pigeon. Since these birds choose roof voids for building nests, these bird mites make their way to households.

Amazing Fact on Fleas

Human fleas are capable of jumping around 20cm high, more than 150 times their body length. It is almost similar to human beings leaping 440m. During jumping these tiny insects maintain a speed of 100 cm/sec. Surprisingly, the speed is 20 times more than the Apollo rocket speed. In simple words, the speed will feel equal to the event if a car gets crashed into a wall maintaining a pace of 300 km/hour. A weird yet interesting fact is fleas prefer making a woman their host over a man.

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