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Bed bugs are rectangular, wingless bugs with dark brown skin that really are 4 to 5 mm long when fully grown. They can sink into tiny gaps and fractures thanks to their length. However, bed bugs can be an issue whenever people sit, unwind, or sleep, so you shouldn’t just worry about them in bedrooms. Bed bugs are among the most challenging pests to eradicate from your house. They hide out on sofas, pillows, mattresses, and in other dark places. People are regularly bitten by bed bugs while sleeping, and the insects feed on blood. Even if the bites are not painful, they can still be uncomfortable and irritating. Some people who are bitten by bed bugs may experience severe allergic reactions, but most people only experience a few bumps. 

At 711 Pest Control Sydney, we have the know-how to thoroughly and successfully get rid of bed bugs from your house. Comparatively speaking, over-the-counter remedies fall short of our efficient Bed Bugs Control Sydney treatment.

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Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Bite symptoms on the body in the morning may be the first sign of bedbugs. The average bed bug bite seems to be the length of a mosquito bite, is extremely irritating, and lasts for between seven and nine days.
  • Due to the numerous probing of each beetle and the length of the bite, bed bug bites may frequently be identified from fleas, bird lice, and other types of bites by their layout in regular lines. Flea bites are significantly smaller and typically occur towards the ankles. Additionally, lice bites are much smaller.
  • Bed bugs release microscopic, vivid red, undigested blood droplets while they are feeding, which might appear as tiny red spots on linens. Only a mosquito’s blood may leave a stain on bed linens, and this stain appears as a smear when a mosquito that has just fed is crushed by the hand.

The Reproduction Cycle of Bed Bugs

The young bed bugs must consume blood to advance to the next larva stage after emerging from the egg. There are five of these levels, and moving on to the following stage requires a complete supper. The insects become adults following their fifth moult. After blood feeding and fertilising of the insect, egg laying for the following generation begins, although not before the first fifth to the tenth day of adult years. In colder months, development takes longer; in warmer ones, it happens more quickly.

Although eggs are typically placed in groups of approximately ten, a female may lay anywhere between 200 and 500 eggs in her lifetime. Eggs must hatch within seven to thirty days, but typically within 10. In warm temperatures, each nymph-al stage lasts for almost a week. As a result, the life cycle takes anything between 45 days and almost a year to complete from egg to adult. The average adult life span might range from 50 to 300 days or more. Without a blood meal, an adult can survive for up to a year.

Habitat of Bed Bugs

Usually, bed bugs only bite people at night and hide during the day. The hiding place may be found under skirting, in wall gaps and fissures, behind floors, paintings, rugs, bed frames, other furniture, and loose wallpaper. Bed bugs will likely enter the home on clothing, bedding, and baggage. You can get bitten on your shoulders and arms. Large welts that are accompanied by itchiness and inflammation are common symptoms of allergic responses. Usually, the welts fade into red spots that may persist for several days. A certified pest controller ought to be contacted if bed bugs are detected. A thorough examination of the infested and adjacent rooms is required, as well as any potential hiding places.

Health Issues Caused by Bed Bugs

A bedbug is a bug that lives its entire life on blood. Although lab colonies can be produced in conjunction with animals like rabbits, dogs, and cats, human blood is preferred. No other bloodstream besides humans is important in natural infections. It can be incredibly upsetting to think that you might be bitten when you’re sleeping. While bed bugs are not proven to transmit disease, the itching that results from their bites can cause diseases. These bed bugs may cause allergic reactions in certain people. People may develop swelling and redness. These bugs are particularly bothersome since their bites can be very irritating. Many times, welts appear a few weeks after being bitten.

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Solutions for Bed Bug Removal

Professional bed bug treatment from 711 Pest Control Sydney includes thorough inspection and eradication. We use tried-and-true techniques including bed bug traps, thermal treatment, and active ingredient agents to get rid of these unwanted pests from your property. Our goal is to eliminate them at every step of their life to reduce the risk of recurrence.

If the infestation is not completely removed, it will recur. Eventually, undiscovered bed bug larvae will hatch and cause a problem. We always strive to eradicate the adult, larvae, and eggs of this annoyance to ensure that you won’t have to deal with them again. Sometimes, for extermination to be successful, additional treatments spaced a few weeks apart are required.

Professional Bed Bugs Control Sydney

We can give you further information on bed bug prevention and over-the-phone guidance on how to spot bed insect activity in your home. Our pest control strategies blend organic and synthetic technologies. Several of these strategies require your assistance to produce the greatest results. Effective bed bug control can only be achieved with the homeowner’s entire cooperation. We have a team of experts with years of experience, so we can locate locations where bed bugs hide. We use strong tools and solutions to overcome these problems. 

Because we employ qualified professionals on staff, we guarantee that all of our Bed Bugs Control methods are eco-friendly.


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