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When you are having trouble with a rodent infestation at your home then you always expect the best from a pest control company. Hence, if you are looking for a company that is 100% approved for the removal of pests then come to our Rodent Control Sydney team which is a trusted brand in Sydney. Our company is a family-owned company that has experts performing different steps in the process of removal of rodents. We will ensure you with satisfying and expected results as our professionals are hard working and always committed to our work. Our company has so many years of experience and so we are able to give you the best assistance at any time. Thus, we are a reliable company and control rodents in a rapid way.

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Different Types Of Rodents Invading Your Homes In Sydney

Rodents are one of the pests commonly found all over the country. Today rodents become a big threat for homeowners as they pose problems throughout the year and also pose a big threat to both health and property. There are many different types of rodents that invade your home which are given below:

  • Deer Mice: Found throughout Sydney. They formed nests in rural areas in places like old fence posts, log piles and tree hollows. They are the carriers of Hantavirus, which cause kidney, blood or respiratory ailments and are also fatal in humans. They have bicoloured tails that are typically half brown and half white.
  • Norway rats: These types of rats can be found throughout Sydney and are nocturnal, typically nesting in basements, crawlings and other undisturbed dwellings once inside. They act as vectors for various diseases like plague, rat-bite fever, jaundice and cowpox virus.
  • House Mice: House mice form nests in dark, scheduled areas inside the structures and are excellent climbers. They cause severe property damage by chewing through materials like drywall and insulation. These types of mice pose serious health threats, can contaminate stored food and spread diseases such as Salmonella. They generally have poor vision and are colour-blind but they have well-developed other enhanced senses.
  • Roof rats: Roof rats typically live in colonies, and prefer to nest in the upper areas of structures or trees. They spread various diseases like typhus, trichinosis and jaundice and are also associated with bubonic plague. They are also known as “Black rats” due to their dark colour and  “Ship rats” due to their excellent swimming ability. 

Why Is It So Important To Hire A Professional To Get Rid Of Rodents?

If you ever find any rat droppings inside your clean home, you know the panic such a sighting can send through your blood. In this situation, any of you can run to the store for rat poison but sometimes it is not in your hand and you require proven rodent control methods so that your home is left clean and untouched again. Thus, you can rush to our Rodent Control Sydney services for getting controlled relief which is important for you due to the following reasons:

  • Rats are able to consume 10-15% of their body weight daily through food and feed 15-25 times a day.
  • They pose a risk to your thermal insulation and let in hot air during the summer and cold air during the winter which makes your home comfortable.
  • Some rats can chew roof eaves and create holes which creates a way for allowing other rodents to come inside your home. 
  • Rats may ruin your garden and lawns as they move to eat your seedlings and bulbs.
  • Rats keep their teeth sharp by gnawing through electrical insulation.
  • Rodents may defecate up to 60 times a day and will urinate to mark their territory which attracts other rodents to infest your home.
  • Rats carry a number of diseases that cause a few days of pain and cause death in extreme circumstances and other diseases which are harmful to humans and animals.

Therefore, always contact our company, if you see any signs of rat infestations within your property.

Signs Through Which Rodents Can Be Identified

There are unique habits and behaviours of various pests through which they can be identified and on the basis of these habits and behaviours our Rodent Control Sydney team can identify and eliminate them. So, if you notice any signs of these pests which are given below then immediately contact our team:

  • It is obviously proven that rodents are present if you see any live or dead rodents.
  • If you see any burrows inside or around your property then they are present there.
  • Gnawing and unexplained damage to wood, screen doors, upholstery wiring and food, carpeting, etc.
  • Unexplained noises in walls and ceilings like scratching or rustling.
  • If they are present their droppings and urine can be seen on the floors, shelves or counters.
  • You can see greasy smudges on the walls near floor level.
  • Gnawing and unexplained damage to wood, screen doors, upholstery, food, carpeting, furniture and wiring.

With the help of these signs, you can be able to detect that rats are present and you can easily find a treatment for it.

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Authorised Procedure For Removal Of Rodents

First of all, you have to decide that you are serious about the rats and want to remove them immediately and if you search your nearby areas, you will find that you have a certified company which is able to eliminate rats completely and so in any conditions, you can come to our Rodent Control Sydney team and they follow an authorised procedure for removal of rodents which are described below:

Inspect your home for rodents

Inspection is a very important step as it gives us information about the following:

    • Confirmation about the pests. 

    • Where they make their nests and their paths of travelling.

    • It reveals their food sources and access points.

    • Signs which help to identify them and many more.

Making a complete plan of treatment

After inspection, a report is formed by the experts which helps our removalists to prepare a thorough plan of treatment which involves the methods used, the equipment required and the type of insecticides involved in the process of their removal and also about the post-inspection measures.

Professional elimination of rodents

As a professional, we have authorised procedures which are proven by the government for the removal of rodents which includes the following:

    • Rat baits and rat traps for the removal of rodents from your house fast.

    • Use of ultrasonic technology which is a chemical-free way to get rid of rats.

    • The use of rodenticides is the last option when other methods have failed and these are the chemicals that are lethal to mammals.

    • Tracking powder is used for killing the larger population of rodents.

    • Fumigation involves sealing a structure with a tent-like material and then pumping it full of the fumigant. 

Clean up procedures

Now it’s the time to clean up the infested area or to remove the body of rodents. So, the process of clean-up starts with ventilation which occurs for 30 minutes. The infested area has to be cleaned with disinfectant or a mixture of bleach and water and soak for 5 minutes and then cleaned with a paper towel and at the last sanitise everything.

Why Should You Hire Our Company For Rodent Control In Sydney?

If you want to get complete relief from rodents, you have to follow a perfect procedure which is an approved one and so you should hire 711 Pest Control Sydney. You have a number of reasons for hiring us which you can view here:

    • You can get our services 24*7 which is very essential for customers as they may find a need for our services anytime.

    • We and our expert team always follow an approved procedure for the removal of rodents either dead or alive.

    • Our team members always use safe procedures and eco-friendly products which do not cause any harm to humans and their surroundings also.

    • Our charges are so less which are manageable for everyone and every class of people can afford it very easily and so you can get a free quote from us 

    • The experts on our team are very experienced and they have an experience of 20 years in this field with our company.

So, do not get worried about anything else, just come to us and we will solve your problem.


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