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Should Possums be Killed?

People often get scared by seeing possums in their houses or backyards. Possums are marsupials that feeds on fruits, vegetables, pet foods, insects and chickens. They have a white face with a grey-coloured hair coat and a hairy tail. Possums are endangered animals and protected by the law in Australia so they can never be killed without proper reason and order from council authorities. No matter if the possums die on their own but they should never be killed by anyone. Killing a possum is not only inhumane but it is also illegal in Australia. Possums are environmentally friendly and are also useful as they help in getting rid of pests from houses and gardens. With the help of a licensed possum catcher, you can use a cage to catch them and leave them far away from your home or garden instead of killing it. Read on and know more about should possums be killed? You can also know about laws of protection for possums in Australia.

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What Does The Law Say About Possums Killing?

In Australia, the law recognizes possums as protected native wildlife. They are protected under various state and territory legislation, such as the Wildlife Acts or Nature Conservation Acts, which vary slightly across different regions.

Killing possums without proper authorization is generally illegal. However, there are circumstances where possums can be legally controlled or removed under specific conditions. These conditions typically include situations where possums pose a threat to human health or safety or cause significant damage to property or agricultural activities.

It is worth noting that possums also have protection at the federal level through the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). However, not all possum species are listed as threatened, and the EPBC Act primarily focuses on species of national environmental significance.

It is recommended to seek professional advice from licensed wildlife caretakers when dealing with possum-related issues.

Ways To Get Rid Of The Possum- 

  1. Traps- Using traps is one of the best ways to get rid of the possums. This is helpful in getting rid of the possums without causing any damage to the possum or the environment. 

Steps To Set A Possum Trap- 

Step 1- Buy And Set A Trap- If you know the size of the possums present in your house, you can buy a trap accordingly. If you don’t know the exact size you can go with the big one. Now you can set bait in the trap and place it in the area where the possums are normally present. Make sure the bait attracts the possums towards it so place it in the right place.

Step 2- Relocate The Possum- Once you catch the possums you can carry them to a place far away from your house. You can contact the local wildlife management agency to know about the place where you can leave the possum safely. You should wear safety gloves to avoid the possums from biting you. 

  1. Use Motion Sprinklers And lights- This is another useful method to scare away the possums from your house. Possums are afraid of lights so whenever you see a possum first identify the area where the possums visit more frequently and then you can place lights and motion sprinklers to get rid of them. 
  1. Use Sound To Remove It- Possums are afraid of loud sounds so you can use it with the motion lights or separately to get rid of the possums from your house. This will scare the possum and getting rid of easily without any harm. 
  1. Use Strong Smell- One of the most common ways to get rid of possums is by using a strong smell. Mostly crushed garlic, ammonia and mothballs are useful in repelling the possums from the house. You can even use this method to remove a possum instead of killing it. 

What To Do If You Find A Dead Possum?

Killing the possum is not the right thing but if you find a dead possum you can remove it by wearing safety gear and a plastic bag. If you feel uncomfortable removing a dead possum you can also contact dead possum removal sydney professionals to do this work. Removing a dead possum quickly is important to prevent diseases and infections. 

Where Can You Hire Possum Removal Professionals?

Whether it’s a live or a dead possum, you can hire professional pest control experts in Sydney to get rid of them. They can help you in removing all kinds of other pests too with their experience and skills. Experts will help you in removing pests and also give you advice about preventing the entry of pests in your house. 

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